In 2009 I found some surprising combinations of Feldspar, Fluorite, Hyalite, and Caliche at a prospect east of the Castle Dome Mine.


Castle Dome Mine 1 Castle Dome Mine 2 Castle Dome Mine 3
Castle Dome Mine 4



Located slightly south of the Castle Dome Mine the Linda Group was mined mainly for Lead but also for Silver, Fluorine, and Barium.




Linda Group Mine 1 Linda Group Mine 2 Linda Group Mine 3



Linda Group Mine 4 Linda Group Mine 5 Linda Group Mine 6


The Eighty-One Mine was mainly mined for Lead and Silver but surrounding areas also yielded Fluorine, Barium, Vanadium, Molybdenum, and Zinc.  At the Eighty-One Mine I discovered a layer of breccia (perhaps the result of hydrothermal activity) attached at a fault line to a wall of more solid rock.  This spot yielded the most interesting pieces as they are a mix of Calcite, Fluorite, and Hyalite, all glued together by Caliche in a conglomerate.  Also included in some pieces are chunks of Galena, a Lead ore.  Galena is non-fluorescent but occurs in attractive cubic crystals that often have a silvery metallic luster. 

Eighty-One Mine 1 Eighty-One Mine 2 Eighty-One Mine 3



Eighty-One Mine 4 Eighty-One Mine 5 Eighty-One Mine 6



Eighty-One Mine 7 Eighty-One Mine 8 Eighty-One Mine 9