Being located Tucson (at the time) gave me easy access to fluorescent minerals but not the famous combos of Calcite, Willemite, and Fluorite known from many locations in AZ.  Since most of these places are either under claim (Purple Passion, Red Cloud) or simply too far away (Kofa, Castle Dome), I went for years without access to this particular combo.  Then someone told me about the Reymert Mine, which was a little over two hours away from home.  So I took a day and went up there to search out the area.  I found that Reymert was a huge operation with miles and miles of roads and numerous mine dumps.  After searching the entire complex (quite a task), I finally found an area with bright colors.  There wasn’t much available but what was there was worth collecting.  Not only were the colors good but there were interesting veined and swirled patterns, which I have not seen from other locales.  Compared to similar areas, the Calcite tends to be an orange color rather than pink or red and the Willemite is typically a bright green rather than a green/white mix (such as at Purple Passion or Potter-Cramer).  However, the white color of Willemite can also be found on some pieces.

As it turns out I got to the mine just in time.  Only six months after I visited it was put under claim and fenced off to be used as a quarry.  Luckily I saved a number of pieces from being pulverized into gravel.


An ariel view of the Reymert Mine, over a mile long


A closer look at the hill towards the right of the ariel picture


An abandoned ore-refining building near the Ajax Mine to the south


One of the current residents, a western diamondback rattlesnake