The southeastern corner of Arizona is home to a number of mountain ranges.  


Bisbee Pictures


    Like most Sphalerite, the type from Bisbee works best under longwave UV.  It is not as phosphorescent as Miller Canyon Sphalerite but most of the time it is brighter.  Because taking pictures is time-consuming I am not able to put up for sale the smaller pieces.  I have quite a few 1 sized pieces that are available for $5 each.  If you want a sample from this famous locale then Ill be happy to pull one out for you.


Bisbee 1


The Donna Anna Claim, also known as Doa Ana, is located near the Bluebird Mine in the Little Dragoon Mountains and is a unique locale for fluorescent minerals.  Many of the typical Arizona fluorescents such as Calcite and Willemite are not found there, but, rather, there are a number of oddballs the most distinctive of which is Fluorite.  This Fluorite glows the usual violet/blue under longwave UV but under shortwave it glows a light pink color.  For this reason I sometimes refer to it as "reverse Terlingua".  This unusual response is thought to be the result of the presence of rare earth minerals. Collecting is very difficult at this location and so the prices on these pieces are a little higher than usual.



Texas-Arizona Mine 1